Saturday, February 2, 2013

Is Calcium Bad?

If you've heard any of the news reports regarding the dangers of taking calcium supplements and were confused, read this:

I agree with the heart of the article below.  I believe that most of the studies they sight and the problems with calcium is related to the primary form that is used in most supplements: calcium carbonate. In addition, it is the absolute ridiculous amount that is being recommended and taken. 1,000mg and even more in the form of a "Tums" pill or other junk supplement is definitely a bad thing to ingest. The key in my opinion, as they mention in the article, is to first eat a healthy whole diet, then supplement in a balanced way. I never recommend more than 200-500 mg of supplemental calcium per day. And 99% of the time it's in the 200 mg range or less. It is always from sources such as Albion chelates or calcium lactate, or whole food bone sources. Lastly it's always taken with other minerals and essential nutrients like vitamin K, D, A, Mag, Silica, etc. Vitamin K2 for instance is essential in ensuring that calcium gets transported to where it should be and NOT deposited in joints, soft tissues or the blood vessels. Oh ya, and don't forget that phosphorus intake has to be in balance with calcium. Isn't it so much easier if we just EAT RIGHT!
Hope this helps.

David Graves, ND


Michelle Thornton said...

I heard about this issue on the radio the other morning and was really confused about what they were talking about. Thank you so much for helping clear up my questions. And of course, the best advice is to just eat right. This is a great post. Have you heard anything about a naturopath doctor in Clarington?

David Graves, ND said...

I don't know any NDs in Clarington. You can check the AANP ( or the Canadian Association.

Anonymous said...

Great post Doc!

I like the focus on the whole foods diet before suppliments.


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