Monday, February 28, 2011

Washington vaccine exemption

Your Washington vaccine exemption is threatened. Please contact your reps in Olympia now!

Check out these links for more info.

Here are my reps; look up who yours are if you don't know and contact them!
look up here:

6th District Legislators
Senator Michael Baumgartner
Representative Kevin Parker
Position 1, Republican
Representative John Ahern
Position 2, Republican
3rd District Legislators
Senator Lisa Brown
Representative Andy Billig
Position 1, Democrat
Representative Timm Ormsby
Position 2, Democrat

Here is a copy of my email:

Dear Senator (or Representative):

As one of your constituents I wanted to take a moment and urge you to oppose HB1015 and SB5005. As a family care physician and father of three small children here in Washington, I am very concerned that my rights as a parent and good sense as a physician will be impacted by this proposed law. Vaccination is not something I take lightly or have opinions about based on fear or emotion. I have spent years investigating and treating children who are dealing with the direct implications of such laws. Though perhaps good intentioned, this legislation is bad for parents and kids. Thank you for your time.


David Graves, ND